Toxic Shock Records

Barricaded Suspects LP Various Artists


Finally, an official 2024 repress of BARRICADED SUSPECTS, the punk compilation LP from 1983 on Toxic Shock Records. Artwork by Pushead. It contains rare tracks from Peace Corpse, Human Therapy, Red Tide, Killroy, Romulans, Knockabouts, Abcess, Suburban Mutilation, Septic Death, the Dull, Massacre Guys, Decry, Roach Motel, Bonded in Unity, Mad Parade, The Hundredth Monkey, Vision / Decay, Hue & Cry.
Includes a booklet with band info. Out of print for 41 years! Check out my other items, like the book by Bill Sassenberger, Toxic Shock Assassin of Mediocrity, with 204 page of our history. We have a 35 + year punk rock history behind us! Support independents, not corporate shills! www.ToxicShockRecords.com