Toxic Shock Records

Feast Upon Cactus Thorns CD


Tucson AZ 90s hardcore. FEAST UPON CACTUS THORNS "self titled" CD on Westworld/Toxic Shock. Released in 1994. Their home base was Tucson, but they toured extensively through the USA, shared stages with RAW POWER, NOFX, R.K.L. and others in the "grunge" generation. The sound should appeal to fans of The Ventures and Poison Idea. Certainly a cool item and a must for any US outsider hardcore fan
Leftover stock from the infamous punk store TOXIC SHOCK.  Be on the lookout for the autobiography book Assassin of Mediocrity,a Story of Love, Loss and Loud Music by Bill Sassenberger. loaded with tons of rare photos, flyers and illustrations.  Coming to better book and record stores near you!