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Toxic Shock Book + Skinner box CDs bundle


Toxic Shock Assassin of Mediocrity BOOK plus Skinner box "the Playhouse" AND "s/t" CD albums. Create you own soundtrack while reading the story. "The book is a story of unflagging love-for music, for a partnership forged in passion and steel, for a life chosen, not imposed. Bill Sassenberger, owner of Pomona's Toxic Shock and friend and mentor to hundreds of music aficionados, writes with honesty and without self-aggrandizement about the adventure he shared with Julianna Towns, a brilliant beauty who walked into his record store and never left. Together they nurtured musicians, started their own record label, and explored the world, even when Julianna became confined by a series of strokes at an early age. Their love story intertwines with the history of punk rock and the musical revolution that was spawned from that in a book that will expand minds and break hearts". Janet Brown (Pacific Rim travel author)
Skinner box "the playhouse" album 9 song CD on bobok ltd Records. Not to be confused with the NYC ska act, Skinner box was the project of Julianna Towns (1961-2019), a project full of rich, dark, mysterious melodies, featuring harps, synthesizers, and the ethereal voice of Julianna. Skinner box was one of the first bands to produce what was later often referred to as "heavenly voices", and inspired many of the bands that later became successful under this banner. Skinner box is everything dark and light, hot and cold, full of opposites. Part horror movie soundtrack and part atmospheric epic, with Julianna Towns' really lovely voice keeping the whole thing in control. Here are some quotes from Julianna herself, describing her experience with black tape for a blue girl. "Before being laughingly 'ejected' from dark-wave guru Sam Rosenthal's excuse for a vanity project, I recorded music of my own, Skinner box which inexplicably got pigeonholed as 'goth' (it is not)"

the other CD in this bundle is the self titled Skinner box album, which was originally released on LP and cassette in 1988. After 36 years, first time on CD! Also from bobok ltd Records. Skinner box was the project of the late Julianna Towns (Peace Corpse),  and Mark Erskine (Savage Republic). For fans of Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance and This Mortal Coil.